Palmer June Cavener- A Birth Story

Sweet Palmer June was born Tuesday March 7th, at 7:12am via C-Section. I had met her mommy Navannah through a past client and mutual friend, she was looking for a photographer for her birth and, although I have been a part of many births, I had never before photographed I was intrigued to say the least!

From the professional side of things, I had never seen anything this amazing before in my life (a part from the birth of my own children, which I don't remember at all very well and I wish I had a birth photographer there for). I wasn't prepared for how little space I would have to work with, and I was definently not prepared for how quickly it would all happen! Once mommy was fully prepared, dad and I were allowed in. 5 minutes in the room, Palmer June made her grand debut!! WOW!! To see the doctor and nurses working together so swiftly was simply incredible, and I am forever changed.

However form it comes, birth is such a beautiful thing and beautiful experience, and something you'll never forget. And these feelings don't just come from experiencing the actual birth either. They come from the full circle of working and caring hands tending to both mother and baby, from the careful but sure doctor, to the swift and caring hands of the nurses, careful charting of the anesthesiologist, to the tender and loving husband (or significant other)elated his baby is born, relived his wife is safe, and cautious when holding baby for the first time, and to the sweet and gentle caress and nuzzling of baby and mommy for the first time.

These moments are everything, and that's why I love my career as not just a photographer, but as a birth photographer, capturing these otherwise easily forgotten times in a world full of beautiful chaos.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing sweet Palmer June <3

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