Madden Lifestyle Session

When Rachel asked me to come take pictures of her beautiful family, I fully expected what every client usually requests... questions on any good locations I have around the area, something with trees, a field, water, etc...oh and don't forget sunset. The usual.

Not that I mind the "usual". Anytime I feel I'm starting to get complacent, that I'm doing the same things over again, I have to remind myself how often these families truly get my "usual" kind of pictures for their family. The answer, you HOPE, is at least once a year, but that's not always so. See my usual, is usual for me, and not for them. For them, it's unique, special, a once a year glorified update of the insanely fast milestones everyone's moving through, especially the kids. And every time I think of that, I feel rejuvenated, because like them, I was once there myself.

I remember waiting... before I could do it myself, and probably at times should pass on that option as well, as my kids seem to smile better for most people OTHER than me! I remember waiting for that holiday that would come around where I could squeeze a little extra money aside to capture how much my kids have grown in a year. It's heartbreaking how fast they grow, yet uniquely beautiful all at once.

So as Rachel contacted me, the excitement kicked in, as I haven't had the pleasure of shooting for her family yet, and an added bonus, she was an old friend from my childhood. But her request wasn't what I expected. It wasn't my "usual". She asked if I could simply just come to her home while I was visiting in my hometown, and capture her boys playing in THEIR usual, fun, home environment. How pleasantly ironic! As my excitement grew, she went on to say she wanted these special moments captured between the boys, before baby Madden #3 made his or her debut. I was ecstatic and of course said YES!

I don't get to shoot lifestyle home sessions very often, and some part of me will always jump for joy inside like a kid at Christmas if you request one, I don't care HOW messy you think your house is!!! Rachel knew what I knew. That even though our homes are messy, disorganized, not color coded like a pretty magazine, or an always-on-the-move household, these moments are the ones you want to truly remember. The lived in ones. The frumpy, chaotic, but beautifully genuine, true smile and laugh memories. And that's exactly what we did. I introduce to you, the Maddens.

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