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I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of losing one of my best friends and life companions. No, not a blood relative, or friend from school, but this bond went just as deep, if not deeper. I'm talking about a four legged furry companion, built to withstand all our tears, heartbreaks, happiness, and who jumps for joy at our laughter (literally).

I got Mia when I was a sophomore in high school, with the stipulation that she was mine to take care of, on my own: adoption cost, all vet bills, baths and grooming, and training. I didn't know how all that would work. All I knew was I needed her.

12.5 years, countless memories, so much love and trust, a move to college, marriage, four different states to live in, a few extra fur baby add-ons, 3 children, and all the crazy chaos in between, Mia was by my side, hanging out in my bed, taking in all the mess and tears and happiness, always a sweet shoulder to cry on when I needed her most.

But one thing I never considered, was losing her. I never thought through what life would be like without my scottie, my mia-badia, my world. Until it was. Even though I had a few days to plan, I was so devastated, my heart completely crushed, that I didn't even consider taking any updated professional photos of her with me and our family. It was too painful to accept why, in the first place, I'd be doing such a thing.

But do you know what else I never considered? What photos I had of her along those 12.5 years...non-blurry, family capturing moment photos, where I could look back at them and see her spunky personality all over the page. The last one I could find was the year I graduated high school, where of course I had to have her with me in my senior portraits. She was 2 years.

I let 10 years go by, without updating those photos, and as I'm nearing one year of losing my best friend, my heart is crushed all over again. I'm in tears writing this to you all, and as much as I'd like to change the past I can't. See, she was more than a dog to me, as you've probably gathered by now. She was family, and there will never be another Scottish Mia-badia like her.

And the same goes for your own family fur babies. Maybe you have considered what you'd do once you've lost your friend, maybe you haven't, but what remains the same is the grief you'll feel when that time comes. And sadly, with as many special memories as you can possibly fit into a lifetime with them, life goes on.

So here's the deal. I want to give as many people as I can the sweet opportunity to update those photos. You might not know they're special now, but they will be something cherished in your future. The month of August I will be giving away a **FREE pet photo shoot**.


1. NO your pet does not have to be terminally ill, this is open for everyone. Every memory and every pet is special

2. This is not a full family photoshoot, so please do not ask for specific poses and such. This is about your pet. But OF COURSE you and your family can be in the pictures!

3. *** LIKE and SHARE *** this post/blog for a chance to enter, and comment on the original blog post "shared!" so that I don't miss your name

4. Session is NOT limited to dogs! BRING ON your pets! No exclusions, but please no dangerous animals or angry non-dangerous animals (I will leave on site if pet is aggressive)

5. Must live in the Covington, Mandeville, Abita Springs, Madisonville Louisiana areas to qualify (surrounding areas within a 20 mile radius)

6. If you do not win the shoot, thats ok! I'm offering 50% OFF all pet sessions from August to October in memory of my baby girl. Message me for booking info

(photos of my sweet Mia's brother Copper,

and sisters Holly and Hera, updated 7/21/2019

in loving memory of our Scottie girl)

For questions on your entry or info on booking, contact

Mandeville, Covington, Abita Springs Louisiana

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