Why Birth Photography?

Although having your birth photographed might sound intense and down right horrifying, it is actually quite a beautiful thing. Birth is a very emotional & gratifying experience, and I will capture these moments for you in a very beautiful, modest, and un-intrusive manner. Refusing birth photography as an option when I had my own daughter is a decision I very much regret, and reluctantly accept that I can not go back and change. The emotions, feelings, and thoughts are ones that you never want to forget because the life you've helped created and nurtured for 9 months is now FINALLY making his or her debut!  Whether or not you know it now, you'll want to remember this time together, and I would love to be there to make it happen.

When do  I book and how will "The Day " look?

I suggest booking as soon as you think you are interested in having your birth taken. This allows me to make room for your birth in my schedule, as I will only book 2 births a month. I do not book more than 2 to ensure the births happen on the same day and I miss out on capturing your experience! You can cancel BEFORE you are 32 weeks pregnant, but after that there is a cancelation fee of $350 (also the retainer fee) due to demand- I may not be able to fill that spot in my schedule with such short notice.

The Delivery Day- 38 weeks pregnant marks the time when I will be on-call for you 24/7.  If you begin to have serious labor pains at your home, it is necessary to update me so I can begin my preparations to leave for the hospital and/or for your home if this is a home birth. Once admitted, you or your partner should call me so I can be on my way as soon as possible. I will be by your side for the early part of labor up to  an hour after the birth of your beautiful baby, capturing all the moments in between!

 I will by your side from early labor at the hospital (or home if it is a home birth) until up to one hour after your baby's birth, capturing your early labor, delivery, and early family interaction. This is a flat fee regardless of labor hours. You or your partner need to notify me immediately once you are in labor, and again when you are checking into labor and delivery so I can head towards the hospital. You will have the opportunity to build your own Birth Collection (prints, albums, wall art, etc) or to choose from one of my tailored Birth Collections at the Viewing Session when scheduled after your birth and you are home happy and healthy. Session includes 100+ digital birth images on a custom USB .

Birth Session- 1150


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